Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gracie’s 6th Birthday Party

Gracie is our friend’s daughter who turned 6 this weekend.  She and Kasey have spent a lot of birthdays together.  So this year’s birthday was at the Artsy Café, downtown. 

The first thing they did was color a butterfly necklace, made a frog wall hanging and then made a bead bracelet. 


Kasey always makes the funniest faces.  Anna, next to Kasey, is another one of Kasey’s good friends, she goes to the babysitter with Kasey. 


Here is Gracie, the birthday girl!


Here are all the kids together, making funny faces.  Have you noticed that Kasey is the only little boy at the party?  Yes, he is.  He loved it!  I think I am in for years of trouble with this little boy of mine.  Everywhere he goes, he always goes right for the girls!  And, they go right for him too. 



Gracie likes frogs, so she had a really cute frog birthday cake.  Yummm!


And noise makers, I made sure to send the noise maker to Grandma’s house.  Kasey was spending the night with Grandma after this party.  I hope he drove them crazy with the noisy thing! 


Grace blowing out the candle.  We had a lot of fun at the party and Kasey said it was the FUNNEST party he had ever been to.   


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