Saturday, September 12, 2009

It’s Puzzle Time!

I have decided I like puzzles.  I have never done puzzles before and I just started buying some for Kasey.  But they are really big puzzle pieces, 26 pieces, floor size, or I even have a 100 piece puzzle for him.  He’s doing pretty good with them and will keep the puzzle out on the table until he finishes it.  We’ve bought a couple of puzzles at garages sales and they’ve had a few pieces missing.  It’s actually kinda funny because you do all the work and then have pieces missing.  Oh, well!

So I borrowed a puzzle from a friend, I thought it was really pretty, a quilt with flowers and a wicker chair.  Well, it had a few pieces missing too.  I can’t take credit for finishing the puzzle though because Mark did a bunch of it. 

CIMG3122CIMG3125   CIMG3124

I think puzzles is going to become my new obsession, and I’ll post each one I complete here on my blog.  It’ll make it feel like an accomplishment.

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