Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa 2009 & Cave Restaurant

We went to see Santa at the bank today.  It was really nice because there weren’t that many kids there and we didn’t have to wait in line at all. 


Kasey told Santa he wanted a car.  Mark bought him a hot wheels set at Wal-mart, while Kasey was with us.  Then Mark put it in the closet.  So I think that’s why Kasey is saying he wants a car. 


After we left Santa, we went to Richland to the Cave Restaurant. It’s about a half hour from Lebanon.  We rode a hay wagon to the cave, there were little cabins along the way lit up for Christmas.  Here are Mike and Becky. CIMG3539

Me, Mark and Kasey.CIMG3541

Inside the cave restaurant.  Kasey was trying to climb up the walls.  This is Gracie, Mike and Becky’s daughter.


The kids fed the goldfish in the pond.


The goldfish, they were pretty small.


I really should learn to take better pictures.  They had a guy playing the piano.  It really made for a nice evening.


Inside the cave.


Leaving the cave, heading back to the cars, it was cold!

CIMG3559  My little cutie pie!


When we were in the restaurant, guess who came to eat?  Santa Claus!  That was funny because the kids were all excited that Santa was there.  We told him that he was hungry and needed to eat before he headed back to make more toys.  He was a really good looking Santa too, nice white beard. 

All in all, it was a fun evening!


  1. we went to the cave years ago - do you still have to ride a little tram to the elevator area? - what a nice looking santa (nice looking as in the real deal :o)

  2. will santy be at the bank again or was it just a one day thing?

  3. Yes, they have a tractor with hay wagon and then the tram. It was fun.

    Santa was at the bank Friday evening only. It was nice, not crowded at all. We tried to go at Walgreens, but it was packed when we got there.


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