Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Back

Well, I haven't posted since we got back. After the last posting, my computer quit again! Can you believe? So I am on my other old trusty one.

It was a fairly quiet trip home, took us 12 hours on Tuesday and we made it to Oklahoma, then took another 6 hours on Wednesday. But it was a fun trip. We are glad to be home. All Kasey could talk about coming home was "Sissy", "Sissy", "Sissy". Nicky was really glad to see him.

We got Kasey a bag of sand toys at Wal-Mart and he had to carry them in to the hotel. He liked pushing the buttons on the elevator.

Here are Kasey and Daddy on the beach building sand stuff. Mark would make one of the sand castle forms and put it on the sand and Kasey would stomp it out. There were people laying on the beach close to us, just dying laughing at him. He was so funny.

This is my favorite picture of Kasey....

Well, hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July! We are going to shoot off some fireworks. Our neighbors behind us put on a big display which is fun to watch. We don't buy very many. I can't hardly stand the thought of spending money on something that you just burn up, so Mark has to go buy them and I don't even ask him what they cost!!!


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  1. Love the daddy and son picture building a sand castle - priceless. - See how you have the pictures centered then the words then another picture centered and the words, that's what I'm trying to figure out how to get my blogging to do?


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