Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scooter Wreck

Well, it finally happened, I had a scooter wreck. I figured it would happen sometime, but I really wasn't prepared for it, not that I ever would be. We were scootering outside of town and I turned down a little gravel road and guess I hit the brake or something and slid sideways. The scooter went down and my leg was pinned under it. So here's a picture of my leg right after the accident. The gash below my knee was pretty deep.
Here I am looking all pathetic. I skinned my arm up pretty good because I slid on it and my hand. Kasey was on the scooter with Mark (who is much more careful than I am).

Here is a cute picture of Kasey and the scooter on the other side of the road. It started just fine and didn't really get hurt. But the really sad thing was that my really nice camera I just bought in April was in the pocket of my shorts and the screen broke on it. I have a big bruise on my leg where I hit on it. But it does still work, the screen is just cracked.
I called Mom and Dad and they came and picked me up. I was just a little dizzy so didn't think I should ride home. My dad doctored up my leg. I hate him doing that because he always pokes around on my sores and cleans them up, but he fixed me up really good. I knew he would. I just had to complain a lot while he was doing it.

But I do count myself very fortunate that it wasn't any worse than what it was. I'm just a little sore today.

Oh the really funny thing was a few cars went by and one was a guy I work with. He stopped to check on us and see if we needed any help, which is really nice, but I probably won't be able to keep it a secret at work... Oh well...


  1. OMG Kelly!! I"m glad you're ok. But seriously..FLIP FLOPS on a scooter?? WHat if you need to put your feet down way quick??

    I hope you heal quick and I'm so sorry about your camera. =(

  2. Hey, I couldn't find your email address so I thought I'd do it as a comment. About the T-shirt quilt, I bought fusible non stretchy interfacing. Something with just enough body to keep the shirt from stretching. I had april cut her t-shirts apart for me. Then I ironed interfacing to the entire area. Honestly though; if you can find FRESH interfacing you're better off. Or possibly I wonder if basting spray would work?? Mine didn't want to stick to the knit and when I used more heat I ran the risk of melting the interfacing or melting the printing off the front (yeah...I did that too...shhhhh). THEN, once it was attached I cut the shirts to 12-1/2" (cause it was easy). It's actualy going together a lot easier than I anticipated.

  3. Well I finally read your scooter wreck story since we never got to finish the story at the coupon party! I think I might have to agree with Jen on this one, 'flip-flops'? I guess it isn't as bad as wearing them on a motorcycle though. I think that's the sweetest thing ever, your dad doctoring you up like when you were little and had boo-boos! I wish you could have taken a picture of that to treasure - that is pure treasure! It didn't look like Kasey was too concerned - lol. I'm glad you are healing, but it was a shock to see your arm at the party, especially since you never had said anything to me about it.

  4. Oh no!!! I hope you are doing better after your little wreck!

    I didn't realize that you hadn't recieved your package from me until I found it in the trunk of my car!!!! So sorry, it went in the mail today!!! I could have sworn I mailed it! Again, I am very sorry! You probably think I am terrible!


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