Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kasey's First Tinker Crate - Science, Engineering and Awesome!

I signed Kasey up for a TinkerCrate, it's a monthly subscription for kids interested in Science and Engineering.  Since Kasey's dad is an engineer and I love computers, I thought it would be a great thing for him to start doing.  It's $20 a month to have a box delivered to him with a different project every month.

This month's box was a Spin Art kit, complete with everything to build the kit.  Plus a little electronic breadboard with resisters.  I had as much fun with it as Kasey did.

He had no idea I had ordered it for him!  Here's what it looked like when he opened up the box. Everything was in really nice neat organized bags.

This is the blueprint -- how to put it all together.

Here's some creations we made today.  I'm definitely glad I subscribed to this and looking forward to more boxes!  I know Kasey and I will have a blast with them.

I could also see where we could use these for science experiment projects at school.

I did a Periscope Video on Twitter of one of our creations if you want to check it out.

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