Monday, December 8, 2008

Travel to Chicago

Today, I drove to Chicago, it's about 8 hours. When I left home, it was about 40 degrees. As I got closer to St. Louis, it had warmed up to about 48 degrees, was nice and sunny. Then at about Bloomington, IL, I started seeing this snow on the ground and it was about 35 degrees!

I have seen this house a lot on my trips to Chicago, I just think it's really beautiful. I wonder who lived here? It's out in the middle of no where, with nothing around it.

And then I started seeing these trucks with escorts in front and back. It seems like I saw 10 of them. They look like airplane wings to me. I am sure my dad will know and he will comment on here what they are - dad?

Here I got a close up picture.

Here was another one pulled off the side of the road, see how long it is?
You can always tell when you are getting close to Chicago, about 2 hours out of Chicago, you start seeing trash trucks leaving then city and heading back in. I must have passed a hundred of them.

Traffic jam! I am glad it was on the other side and not my side.

Snow in Chicago.

I got gas in Joliet, IL and they had this TV screen on the gas pump, now how cool is that? They just played a lot of commercials, but it was really neat.

I made it to my room, they are calling for rain and snow tonight, so we'll see. They have about 6" of snow on the ground now, but nothing on the roads at all. I should be heading home Friday. I don't like being away from everyone, but I'll be home soon!

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  1. Well at least the trip up there proved to be interesting. Did you ever find out what those things were?


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